Recent work

Here are some images of the recent work we have completed, You can contact us to get more information on any of these tasks.

Personal Blog

I am currently the main Web Developer for my personal blog. This site is run on jekyll and I constantly update the blog with new features, Some of the tasks I have completed are: Adding a comment section, Adding a dynamic post and preforming bug fixes.

Tier III Technologies

Designed, created and maintain the main website for Tier III Technologies which you are able to find Here

Better Barriers

Freelance web Developer for betterbarriers

Patreon -> Github Integration

On the 11/27/2019 I created a discord bot which integrated patreon and github together. The client that I was working for requested a bot which when a patreon sent a message in a discord channel it would invite them to the private github repository. I managed to create this by linking the two APIs together so if a user was a patreon it allowed them to send a specific command which asked the user for their github username, Once their username was sent it would automatically send them an invitation. I also had to make it so when a user was no longer a patreon it would remove them from the repository

2A Coin Integration

I recently reworked a bot for a cryptocurrency coin (2ACoin). This bot allowed users to tip each other coins, this bot worked by relaying the payment to the users wallet addresses. This bot was reworked from the original bot made by turtlecoin. This bot was made for the coin 2ACoin.

Evolution Roleplay Developer

I am a developer for a FiveM Community, The server is a roleplaying community based around the game Fivem (Roleplaying version of Gta). Majority of our scripts are coded in Lua and I am one of the members of the small team that are focused on keeping the server maintained and adding new features. Some of my jobs I have been tasked with are creating an anticheat for the server as we have had issues with exploiters in the past. I also apply bug fixes to scripts when we are notified of a bug.

Ethans Data Recovery

Preformed data recovery on a broken laptop

PC Refresh #1

Performed a PC Refresh which included reinstalling windows, Preforming driver updates, Diagnosing issues.

Laptop Refresh #1

Preformed Laptop Refresh, Reinstalling windows, Preforming Defrag & Virus Scan, Installing Microsoft Office, Transferring data from old device

CodPool Chatbridge

Created a chat bridge for CodPool which has linked their telegram and discord server together, If a user sends a message in telegram it will automatically post the message in discord and vice versa

Ombre Chatbridge

Created a chat bridge for Ombre which has linked their telegram and discord server together, If a user sends a message in telegram it will automatically post the message in discord and vice versa

Community Manager

I am a community manager and social media administrator for a small company called Funkypenguin. Funkypenguin is a company that mainly focuses on new technology and software. Members create guides and blog posts about the new technology. I am the community manager for the company. Some of my tasks include: Ensuring the community are safe and do not have any complaints or issues, keep the chatrooms updated and maintained, Creating any documents if specified by a supervisor.

Baconfeet (Contact directly for references as company no longer exists)

In the past two years I have worked for an online movie streaming company. My position in this company was a support specialist. Some of my tasks with this role is to answer any questions that customers have. Further information can be given on request